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Why we need a World Government

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In this article, I will try to convince you why we need a World Government, today more than in any other time in history. The how part is more complicated, so I will leave that for later. State of Nature = State of War First of all, we must understand the notion of state of nature, which is actually pretty simple to get. The idea of state of nature is the idea of life without a government and without any laws. Everyone is allowed to act in perfect freedom. And…read more

What is Human Nature?

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Every animal has its own animal nature. Imagine a mother cat which gives birth to two baby kittens. You then decide to keep one kitten in your apartment to take care of it, and leave the other one in the wilderness, let’ say along with her mother. And five years later, you wish to compare the two cats. Well, the two cats will still be essentially the same. Even though the two kitties were isolated since their birth, and moreover even though one of them has lived until now only…read more

The Peyote Adventures: Part 2

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If you haven’t done that already, please read part 1 first. At this point of the story, my auditors generally ask me if I lost anything valuable in the backpack. I left a small backpack with my computer and my ukulele in the guesthouse back in Real de Catorce. My documents and money are always on me, inside a hidden travel pouch. In my backpack I had my sleeping bag, warm clothes and my glasses, and losing them was not so dramatic, but I also had a 2-month-old diary and…read more

The Peyote Adventures: Part 1

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I am going to tell you a story today. The story of how I lost my backpack, and how it felt good to lose my backpack. And somehow everything is related to a cactus called peyote. It all started in Real de Catorce. Real de Catorce is a small village in the middle of the San Luis Potosian desert in Northern Mexico. It was a long time ago a very prosperous mining town, however it got abandoned, and today it is home to occasional Mexican tourists and to hippies from…read more

The 3 Levels of Knowing a Person

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Think of someone you love. Think about how you’ve met, what you talked about. Think about the evolution of your feelings until today. I’m here to write about things so I’ll write today that it evolved through three levels. They often appear in a linear and continuous way, but exceptions happen everywhere. See for yourself. The first level is the facts level. The small-talk level. The level of asking questions to get to know the product description of a person. 99% of all first-time conversations between two people begin with…read more

Guide to Weird Cuba on a $10/Day Budget

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Cuba is special. It’s fascinating. The beaches are breathtaking, the architecture is astonishing, rumba is enchanting. And if you want to dig a little down beneath the surface, Cuba reveals so much more. But is it cheap? Before taking the trip to Cuba, I looked around the web for budget traveling tips in Cuba, about hitchhiking, wild-camping and stuff like that. But all the articles were talking about a budget of $20-$25 per day. Yeah… I’ll give you tips about how to travel in Cuba with $10 a day. I won’t…read more

Struggling with Post-Travel Depression

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As I write this article it has been exactly 48 days since I got home from my one-year trip around Central America. I’m lying here, on my bed, with a million thoughts running through my mind. These thoughts started one week before my return flight from Bogotá to Paris. I wanted my last week to be memorable. I wanted to dance until 6am, I wanted to take a two-day trip around Bogotá, I wanted, I wanted… I did none of the above. It turned out to be a horrible week….read more

9 Life Lessons I Learned After One Year of Traveling

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Yep, it’s been one year. One crazy year. I left Latin America. I’m back home in France. And I’m thinking about 9 things I didn’t know this time last year. 1. Long-term travel is not long-term vacation I spent the first 3 months of my trip arriving each week in a new town with my shiny backpack, smiling to everyone and taking pictures of old churches. Like a tourist. But I was no tourist. Hell no. I was a traveler. I hitchhiked, I tried to talk to people in their…read more

Of Boxes

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This article has nothing to do with my current travels, but I promised some friends a couple of years ago that I would write an article about these “boxes”. And hey, it’s my blog, I write about whatever I want. Now that I think about it, it might actually interest you as well. It’s a fun story. It’s about magic mushrooms. And especially philosophical reflections following them. Mom, Dad, I’m sorry, the few times I went to Amsterdam with my friends wasn’t to visit museums and see tulips. It was…read more

Workers of the World, Relax!

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“All I know is that I know nothing.” –Socrates This phrase has somewhat been a sort of motto for me for the past couple of months on the road. I’m not sure I understand it correctly, but the way it’s formulated sure made me understand some weird stuff. It made me start to question everything. Literally everything, even the fundamentals, like – and these are true questionings I’ve made to myself – “Is racism a bad thing?”, or “Is it our goal to pursue happiness?” or even “What’s my sexual orientation?”…read more