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Why we need a World Government

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In this article, I will try to convince you why we need a World Government, today more than in any other time in history. The how part is more complicated, so I will leave that for later. State of Nature = State of War First of all, we must understand the notion of state of nature, which is actually pretty simple to get. The idea of state of nature is the idea of life without a government and without any laws. Everyone is allowed to act in perfect freedom. And…read more

What is Human Nature?

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Every animal has its own animal nature. Imagine a mother cat which gives birth to two baby kittens. You then decide to keep one kitten in your apartment to take care of it, and leave the other one in the wilderness, let’ say along with her mother. And five years later, you wish to compare the two cats. Well, the two cats will still be essentially the same. Even though the two kitties were isolated since their birth, and moreover even though one of them has lived until now only…read more

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