Roam Sweet Roam

9 Life Lessons I Learned After One Year of Traveling

Written by · 8 minutes read

Yep, it’s been one year. One crazy year. I left Latin America. I’m back home in France. And I’m thinking about 9 things I didn’t know this time last year. 1. Long-term travel is not long-term vacation I spent the first 3 months of my trip arriving each week in a new town with my shiny backpack, smiling to everyone and taking pictures of old churches. Like a tourist. But I was no tourist. Hell no. I was a traveler. I hitchhiked, I tried to talk to people in their…read more

Workers of the World, Relax!

Written by · 5 minutes read

“All I know is that I know nothing.” –Socrates This phrase has somewhat been a sort of motto for me for the past couple of months on the road. I’m not sure I understand it correctly, but the way it’s formulated sure made me understand some weird stuff. It made me start to question everything. Literally everything, even the fundamentals, like – and these are true questionings I’ve made to myself – “Is racism a bad thing?”, or “Is it our goal to pursue happiness?” or even “What’s my sexual orientation?”…read more

I don’t want to work

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I studied computer engineering. And for us geeks, there’s only one place to be in the world if you want to be called “the cool kid” instead of “the nerd”. And that’s San Francisco. The Silicon Valley. The Mecca of all tech stuff. I managed to get an internship there. Today, I still think that it was the best internship I could have gotten, it was exactly what I wanted at that period of my life: a stimulating job, a well-known startup, a perfect city. And I really liked it….read more

The Morning of my Life

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Go to school, work hard, get a good job, buy a nice house, take a two week vacation, retire, take a year long vacation, die. That is the introduction from a guest post written by Jamie from The Great Big Scary World. When I read it for the first time, some three weeks ago, many thoughts crossed my mind. Thoughts about my own life. Thoughts that made me want to write this article. These 100 characters were the perfect description of the whirlpool of my life, of the life I was supposed…read more

The Who, the Why and the What-Does-That-Even-Mean?

Written by · 4 minutes read

Done. One of the three questions above answered. One third of my blog post written. Only got the Who and the Why of Roam Sweet Roam to answer. Who am I? January 13th, 2014. It was a windy Monday. The sun was shining but it felt cold. I was nervous. I was about to ask something unusual to my school direction. I went to see them, and asked them if I could apply for a gap year before my final year at college. I told them, I don’t want to…read more

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