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The Peyote Adventures: Part 2

Written by · 5 minutes read

If you haven’t done that already, please read part 1 first. At this point of the story, my auditors generally ask me if I lost anything valuable in the backpack. I left a small backpack with my computer and my ukulele in the guesthouse back in Real de Catorce. My documents and money are always on me, inside a hidden travel pouch. In my backpack I had my sleeping bag, warm clothes and my glasses, and losing them was not so dramatic, but I also had a 2-month-old diary and…read more

The Peyote Adventures: Part 1

Written by · 6 minutes read

I am going to tell you a story today. The story of how I lost my backpack, and how it felt good to lose my backpack. And somehow everything is related to a cactus called peyote. It all started in Real de Catorce. Real de Catorce is a small village in the middle of the San Luis Potosian desert in Northern Mexico. It was a long time ago a very prosperous mining town, however it got abandoned, and today it is home to occasional Mexican tourists and to hippies from…read more

Hitchhiking in Mexico

Written by · 7 minutes read

I’m not an experienced hitchhiker. Before this current trip, I’ve only hitchhiked once: from San Francisco to Mount Rushmore. It was because I had one week of holidays and nothing better to do, so I wanted to try hitchhiking. Plus hitching through half of the United States sounded fun, I too wanted to be a Sal Paradise or a Dean Moriarty, to be one of those “mad” ones, “the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the…read more

My Very First Impressions of Mexico

Written by · 4 minutes read

I didn’t know much about Mexico before crossing the border. Tequila, sombrero, large moustache. And fiestas. I had no Mexican Lonely Planet or any other travel guide, I forgot all the Spanish I learnt in high school, I knew nobody in Mexico; I just had in mind I wanted to reach the southernmost point of Baja California (is there even a city down there?). But still. I walked through the door. A totally mysterious world was waiting for me. Two armed Mexican soldiers were standing there next to the door….read more

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