The Who, the Why and the What-Does-That-Even-Mean?


Done. One of the three questions above answered. One third of my blog post written. Only got the Who and the Why of Roam Sweet Roam to answer.

Who am I?

January 13th, 2014. It was a windy Monday. The sun was shining but it felt cold. I was nervous. I was about to ask something unusual to my school direction. I went to see them, and asked them if I could apply for a gap year before my final year at college. I told them, I don’t want to study, I don’t want to work, I just want to travel during this whole year.

Two days later, I got a call from them. And, to my big surprise, they said yes!


So it all started there. I was going to travel from September 1st 2014 to September 1st 2015, one whole year, one whole year only for me, to do what I really want to do!

This answers the Who part I guess. No it doesn’t? You sure? Naaah, never-mind, that’s all you need to know for now, that I am a French 23-year-old guy traveling on his own from San Francisco to Patagonia for one year.

The thing is, I know I won’t make it to Patagonia in one year. It’s been almost three months already since September, and I’m still in Mexico today. Now one question naturally arises: Amaury, what are you going to do in September 2015 if you don’t reach Patagonia? Are you going to continue to travel or are you going back to France to finish your studies? Honestly, I have no idea. But even more honestly, I think I actually do…

Why am I writing this blog?

As I’m writing the words you’re reading right now, yes these ones, I’m only thinking about one thing. In a couple of hours I’ll hit the ‘Publish’ button for the first time, and I’m wondering, who on earth -other than friends and family- is actually going to read this post?

Of course, other than friends and family, because they are my first audience. The main purpose why I’m writing this stuff is to keep them posted about my long journey, for I told many of them, I’m not coming back in a long time. Every blog post I write will be like a heart beat for them to listen, so that they know I’m still alive.

But then, I shall be truly honored if my blog reaches people from the other-than-friends-and-family category. Really.

Why am I traveling?

Now this is the real Why question. There are some profound reasons. You won’t get them today though. I’ll dedicate a full blog post on them one day. Stay tuned!

What am I going to talk about?

As I said, I’m traveling from San Francisco to Patagonia. I’m traveling on low budget. Low budget doesn’t mean buses and hostels for me, they can even be quite expensive, here in Mexico for example. Low budget means hitchhiking and Couchsurfing/camping/sleeping-wherever-you-can. Vagabonding. Roaming.

From San Francisco to Patagonia. Low budget traveling. Hitchhiking, couchsurfing, camping, sleeping wherever you can.

I’m new to all this stuff too. I’ve only done hitchhiking once before, and it was not so long ago, one month before this one-year trip: I crossed half the US in a week of hitchhiking, and I loved it. I’ve only done Couchsurfing once before too, and I was with a friend at the host’s house. I’ve done some camping, but always in mountains, never in cities or by the road. I’ve never traveled alone.

So I’m going to write about all the experiences I have while roaming across the American continents, from a newbie’s point of view. To show you that this stuff is safe, cheap (duh!), and extremely pleasant! I’ll write about feelings, I’ll give you some tips, I’ll talk about random (but interesting) thoughts that cross my mind, instead of writing those “What I did in [Insert Exotic Place]” posts.

But are you insane?! Hitchhiking? Camping alone? Who put these crazy ideas inside your head? Answer in a future post too! 🙂

How can I contact you?

If you wish to contact me, please write me an email amaury.martiny[at]gmail[dot]com.

Seriously, feel free to write to me, I really appreciate feedback. Tell me what you think about my blog. Or you could send me a message telling me about your favorite movie. I’ll read everything.

Post Scriptum: For those who still didn’t get it, Roam Sweet Roam sounds a lot like Home Sweet Home. Except that starting from today, Roam is the new Home!

These are my first lines ever in a blog, so please tell me every**thing that I can change to improve my blog. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email amaury.martiny[at]gmail[dot]com!